Hi, I'm Claire. I help ladies to become confident with what suits them so that they can put together a wardrobe of clothes that easily mix and match to create outfits that reflect their personal style. 

Do you feel like

  • I have no idea what to wear for my body shape?
  • I have so many clothes, yet nothing to wear?
  • My clothes are boring and safe?
  • I have lost my style since having children?
  • I don’t know what colours suit me?

Would you like to feel

  • I know exactly what suits me?
  • I have a capsule wardrobe full of clothes I love?
  • I have nailed my personal style?
  • I am confident to go shopping on my own, and know exactly what to buy?
  • I no longer waste money, I buy less but choose well?

Then you're in the right place

I'm here to help you discover how to choose the right clothes to make you look and feel amazing. 

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