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How to take clothes shopping from disaster to delight

"Buy less, choose well" - Vivienne Westwood

Does this sound familiar?

  • When you go shopping, you come home with nothing because you don’t know what suits you?
  • When you do buy something it’s always the same thing?
  • When you try things on you don’t like how you look in the mirror?

Instead, imagine how great it would feel:

  • To know exactly what styles are going to suit you
  • To know the key pieces you need to fill those gaps in your wardrobe, and make sure you don’t buy similar items 
  • To never waste money again on impulse purchases

How it works:

  • You will have already had a colour consultation and wardrobe edit with me, so we know the colours and styles to look for
  • We will speak before your shopping trip so I know exactly what your requirements are
  • I will be able to take you straight to the best shops for what you are looking for, as I will have already researched the shops by myself 



Are you ready to go shopping?

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Colour Consultation


Discover your perfect seasonal colour palette. Knowing your colours means less time and energy shopping, and leave you confident that you look your very best.

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Style & Wardrobe Edit


Most people wear 20 percent of their wardrobe 80 percent of the time. Never again look in a wardrobe full of clothes and think 'I have nothing to wear'

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